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Heart Mountain Ministries is an online church, worship and teaching ministry reaching out to those who cannot get to church or want something extra! This ministry makes it convenient to get assistance worshiping God or being fed the Word of God. There are so very many people who cannot get to church because they are home bound, snowed in! shut in, injured, elderly or disabled. Military personnel often want that touch of home that Pastor Rob brings to this online worship experience. The ability to get a fresh teaching or experience the worship of God with just a click, removes barriers to growing in the Lord. People who are  on vacation, or traveling for work, can easily join into a meaningful Sunday morning service. Pastor Rob brings a worship experience that draws upon his four decades of leading praise, worship and pastoring and is apparent when listening and participating in the service videos.

Prayer requests, testimonies, and praise reports are shared interactively through Facebook Messenger, emails and other digital means.  Vital and meaningful interaction has thus far come from Brazil, Africa, Malaysia, the UK, the USA and is ever expanding. There have been salvations and comfort and spiritual growth joyfully reported around the world. Still others testify that they sense the presence of the Lord as they sing along and worship.

Pastor Rob felt the call of God to “feed His flock” through digital means, saying “When Jesus told us to go into the highways and byways, the word highways literally meant roads and modes.” The MODE in this day and age that so many people are using is their cell phones – how many of us are looking at our cell phones most of the time?

Based in central Tennessee, Heart Mountain Ministries is reaching and touching the world. It is our intention  that by obeying God and using these digital modes, we will go into ALL the world and preach and teach the Gospel. This ministry is unique in that the worship and teaching videos are one on one and have a very welcoming, homey feel. Many of the listeners have found comfort in the Word and in the warm style and voice of our pastor. Folks are sharing regularly to friends, family members, the home bound, and many others who do not attend church.

Come and join in the movement and grow strong in the Lord and find real joy in your life!