Ministry Board of Trustees

President – Gary Krus

Gary Krus

Gary Krus is the Vice President of Research & Development at Hirotech America. Mr. Krus is the President of Heart Mountain Ministries. Recognizing the call of God on Pastor Rob to teach and sing, Gary became a founding member of Heart Mountain Ministries. Gary’s ability to administer, oversee and provide accountability made him the ideal choice for the ministry president.

When he is not traveling the world, he lives in Michigan with his wife Nancy,  a wonderful friend and supporter of the ministry. They both enjoy having their grandchildren over and taking them out on their pontoon boat.

Gary says, “If you really want to understand the Word of God, come to Heart Mountain and enjoy the anointed teaching.”



Vice President/Secretary – Pastor Rob Fisk

Pastor Robert Fisk

Pastor Robert Fisk started in ministry as a musical evangelist and worship leader in Michigan. In 1981 he was hired as the worship leader and a staff pastor at Charles and Frances Hunter’s City Of Light Church And School of Ministry in Houston, Texas. After serving for a year and a half, he felt the call of God to return to Michigan and found a non-denominational church. After almost 4 decades as worship leader and senior pastor, God called Pastor Rob and his Scottish wife Linda to move to Tennessee where he formed Heart Mountain Ministries.  The new mission is to provide access to a meaningful online church and worship experience.

Pastor Rob teaches voice, piano, guitar and drum lessons when he is not preparing and recording  the online worship and teaching of God’s Word.



Treasurer – Steve Holcomb – United States Navy (Retired)

Steve Holcomb is a 3rd Generation Navy Veteran, and a 2nd Generation Navy Combat Veteran. He retired from the Navy in November 2005 after 24 years of service. Not only is Mr. Holcomb the Treasurer of Heart Mountain Ministries but he is also currently the elected Treasurer for the Fleet Reserve Association, Branch 294,  Crossville, Tennessee. Steve handles all the disbursement of funds, creates monthly Treasurer’s Reports, and maintains total transparency. He has 3 degrees and is working his 4th.

Steve was saved at the age of 12 in Cartersville, Georgia, while watching a Billy Graham Crusade program with his family. He credits his salvation to an elementary school teacher who would read the Bible to her students every morning during homeroom and had little Gospel tracts available.

Steve recognizes the need for easy accessibility to online church for all those who can’t or won’t go to church.