We are here to provide worship and teaching online to those who cannot be in church.
We worship God with old & new worship songs brought right to your phone, tablet or computer. We encourage everyone to worship and sing to the Lord with us.
Sermons are online so you can always have access to the Word. Listen to them and WELCOME to our church
Don't postpone your happy life! Trust our coaches and follow their recommendations and will be surprised how fast your life will be changing.
Even if you’re not a "spreadsheet” kind of guy, developing a budget for your first year of church planting is strangely exciting. It requires a tremendous amount of faith (since you’re largely just declaring numbers out of thin air with no past years’ performance to compare to), but it’s also one of those incredibly helpful steps that begins to transform a lofty 30,000 foot vision into a more “boots on the ground” reality.
Pastors often struggle to find living, humble, needy, celebratory, worshipful, meditative communion with Christ. It’s as if Jesus has left the building. There’s all kinds of ministry knowledge and skill, but it seems divorced from a living communion with a living and ever-present Christ. All this activity, knowledge, and skill seems to be fueled by something else.