Our Vision


Heart Mountain Online Church And Worship Vision

Our vision is to provide a meaningful online church experience for the many who cannot attend a local church for any reason. There are those who are home bound, shut in, on the road, away at school, on vacation, in the military or in countries where there is no local Christian church, etc.

We are called to lead people in worship, and to teach (feed) God’s people the Word of God. Jesus Himself said that man should not, not (double emphasis in the original Greek) live on physical bread only, but they should live on every word that comes from God’s mouth. To that end, we are providing worship videos that people can sing and worship along with, plus we are providing teaching from the Word of God designed to increase their faith and make them STRONG in the Lord.  Jesus said “Go into the highways and byways. The original Greek word for “highways” means “Roads and Modes”. We believe it is our job and calling to provide worship and teaching of the Word through the “mode” which is most widely used today – the internet (phones, tablets, computers, etc.)