Pastor Robert Fisk

Pastor Robert Fisk

Born into a Methodist home with an older and younger brother, Pastor Rob Fisk had a typical American boyhood. Mom & Dad, dog, brothers, scouting and a lot of friends. Early in life, he took piano lessons; joined choirs at church; took band (trumpet) and orchestra (violin) in the local schools, and started several garage bands. After high school,  he played keyboards and guitar professionally.

In 1977, Pastor Fisk began to feel a calling to ministry and said, “I am going to read this Bible to see if it’s true .. otherwise, I am throwing it out”. Reading the Bible while playing at a bar in Michigan, during a break, someone asked him what he was reading? “The Bible”, he said, to which the shocked patron declared, “You are in the wrong business!”  After a while, he agreed with that statement and left professional rock and roll and began teaching piano & guitar lessons and speaking at local events.

The opportunities to lead worship services increased more and more. After several local television appearances and larger worship services, Charles & Frances Hunter of Houston, Texas, hired him as their worship leader and a staff pastor. After a year and a half of national ministry experience, he felt the call to pastor. Leaving the ministry in Houston, he returned to his home town and founded a non-denominational church.

After almost 4 decades of pastoral experience, he moved to Tennessee where the Lord called him to start an online worship and teaching ministry to reach those who do not have a church or are home bound.

Since the beginning of 2019, Heart Mountain Ministries has been seen around the world and is ever growing!

His Scottish wife Linda occasionally sings praise and worship with him on the broadcasts and makes life great!